The friendly and clued-up Salathai resort

Ban Krut is graced with a tranquil 5 km. sweep of white sand, pale blue sea and swaying casuarinas, is the home of a 7 acre site of 40 bungalows set in a coconut grove just 20 meteres from the beach.

The Thai styled bungalows nestle amongst beautifully designed tropical gardens which support many different species of exotic plants and flowers.

.......Set on the East coast just 5 hours drive,
.......or 380 km. from Bangkok.
The good sized bungalows vary from a basic double room to the large and impressive two double rooms with a separate living area and three bathrooms. All the bungalows come with air conditioning, T. V., fridge, and separate bathroom and w.c. All the bungalows are set well apart from each other and kept to a high standard. The gardens feature a recently built outdoor reading and relaxing area.

The resort centrally based on the beach 3 km. from the train station, local town and bus stop in the market square and the local motorbike taxis will cover the short trip to the resort. There is a regular daily train service on both north and south routes both stopping at Ban Krut.
The Salathai is a family run resort, and the staff work hard to maintain these high standards, English is spoken and the staff are able to advise and assist in any forward travel plans for customers.

It is an ideal quiet resort for those wanting to enjoy the authentic Thai experience, away from the tourist traps and ideal for all those who just want a relaxing time and unwind.
Type of rooms
Sun - Thu
Fri - Sat
Thai Festival
4 - 6 pax
2,800 ฿ + 6 BF
3,000 ฿ + 6 BF
4,000 ฿ + 6 BF
4 - 6 pax
2,200 ฿ + 6 BF
2,400 ฿ + 6 BF
3,000 ฿ + 6 BF
2 - 3 pax
1,000 ฿ + 3 BF
1,200 ฿ + 3 BF
1,500 ฿ + 3 BF
2 pax
600 ฿ + 2 BF
700 ฿ + 2 BF
900 ฿ + 2 BF

...For reservation or information
...please contact : Mr. Sirayu
...Tel. 032-695-181
...Fax. 032-695-182
...Mobile. 087-058-1379
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